1. The first step is to check which rooms are available at the moment. The rooms are listed under “Current Offers” to the right.

2. If the room you had in mind, or another one that would suit you, is available you contact us for a pre-reservation of the room.

3. You will then receive a confirmation that the room is available and we can move on with the reservation. The next step is to pay the deposit of 200€. The deposit is paid to our Spanish account via a bank transfer. You have three days to start the money transfer after receiving the confirmation from us. In case of needing more time you contact us on GroupBCN.

4. When the transfer is on the way you send us another email with information about the exact transfer date. When the money is registered in our account you will receive a confirmation of the reservation and from this moment the room is booked.

5. Before arrival we decide a time and place to meet up for the check in.

6. When checking in we show you the flat and your room. You will also receive keys to the flat and you pay the rent for the first month. Apart from this we also need a copy of the first page of your passport.

7. When you leave the room a person from GroupBCN comes and meets up with you in the flat. We do a check to see that there is nothing missing or broken in the room or in the flat that you are responsible of. In case that there would be something missing or broken the deposit money will cover these costs. You return the keys and you will be refunded your deposit.

If you cancel your reservation more than a week before the scheduled arrival you will be refunded 100€ of the paid deposit, minus the transfer fees. If you cancel your reservation less than one week before the scheduled arrival you will not be refunded any part of the paid deposit.

Cleaning fee
If you leave your room tidy and clean when you leave the room there is no cleaning fee. If cleaning is needed the fee is 40€.

Period of notice
The period of notice when leaving a room is one month.